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TeraView - UI Basics

TeraView offers a handful of useful tools to maximize the apps functionality. Here are a few basic tools.

Introducing TeraView

"There are 4 sides to every story."

The new TeraView app allows multiple Cube video streams to your iOS device.

Now available in the App Store.

TeraSolve - a new tool to measure tablet porosity and predict dissolution using THz spectroscopy

Together with TeraView (https://teraview.com/), Huxley Bertram (http://huxleybertram.com/) and Daniel Markl from the University of Strathclyde we have developed a completely new terahertz spectroscopy sensor that can be used for at-line measurements for the development and quality testing of immediate release tablets in the pharmaceutical industry.

The instrument is capable of measuring the total porosity of tablets without any sample preparation in transmission in less than a second. The results of the measurement can be monitored in real-time and stored for subsequent analysis such as chemometric analysis using commonly available tools such as SIPAT.

Further research is in progress to translate this technology into in-line and/or on-line sensing applications for the pharmaceutical industry. We are excited to introduce the at-line configuration shown in this video in the end of February at IFPAC 2020 in North Bethesda, MD (http://www.ifpacglobal.org).

The TeraSolve was developed as part of a collaborative project with GSK funded by Innovate UK, project reference 104196.

Further detail about the method can be found in our publication (open access):

P. Bawuah, D. Markl, D. Farrell, M. Evans, A. Portieri, A. Anderson, D. Goodwin, R. Lucas and J.A. Zeitler, Terahertz-based porosity measurement of pharmaceutical tablets: a tutorial, Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, 2020.




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